Letter from CEO


Letter 2017 from CEO to Arbol Internatioanl communityLetter 2017 from CEO to Arbol Internatioanl community

Dear Friends:


On behalf of Arbol International’s staff and myself let me extend an affectionate greeting on this first working day of 2017. We have enjoyed working to ours goals to help and love the people of the Amazon in the town of Pucallpa, Peru.


Despite the long list of challenges and problems we face daily trying to fulfill our vision we have seen important results on 2016 that allow us to became a strong organization focused on bringing hope and self-sustainability to local Amazonians thru agricultural farming

During 2016 Arbol International has effectively empowered our alliance with kidsAlive, a 100 year-old Christian organization loving children living in difficult conditions around the world. We have empowered our alliance in these aspects:


  • We signed a collaboration Agreement that allows Arbol International to use the land available in KidsAlive’s land for agricultural projects.
  • We provided a full time local engineer to teach science and support all children on after school homework club among other activities.
  • We developed and implement the First Agricultural Workshop for young people of San José in Pucallpa through Mission TEC, a 300-youngsters operation, summoning 15 young people for such effect. The workshop included theoretical classes, paid field work at a price equivalent to the legal minimum and inclusion in the harvest and marketing. For this it counted on the professional advice of an agricultural engineer. In this activity Arbol International has invested approximately 2000 dollars.


For 2017 we have learned important information that allows us to adjust our strategies. We have found two new challenges: 1. an almost generalized demotivation of the population to work 2. an impossibility to afford land for the landless of the community due to presence of land traffickers and high price of the deforested land.


Therefore we are launching a new program THE ENTREPRENEURS ‘CLUB:


  1. To invest resources to create orchards of vegetables, fruit trees and homemade  animals (poultry), in TEC mission and The orphanage.
  2. To sell with 75% discount to KidsAlive to feed the 300 children and 8 orphans.
  3. To finance the local workers to replicate the same business format in their on farms.


For 2017, 3 families will have access to formal training, competitive paid work in the orchard and financing their own farming in their own home. This is a very exciting time for Arbol International as we feel that our programs and efforts are touching real people and improving their life one family at the time.


God Bless’
Jorge Zuniga, Founder.

Arbol Philosophy


To help to the people of low resources and vulnerable population of the Peruvian Amazonia, through programs of social support, welfare and technical qualification, in order to foment its active participation in the generation of resources for its self-support


The Development of the programs of support social, welfare, educative, therapeutic, factories of qualification in productive activities and projects generally for the people of low resources of the Peruvian Amazon, has as an aim to help and to foment its general well-being, teaching them to generate its own income of a viable form with its ecological surroundings


Arbol International looks to engage efforts and resources available conducive to the benefit of social services that help educative, social the development and intellectual of the people of the Peruvian Amazon which they participate in our diverse programs, and benefit in addition the families to these participants, through specific activities and social projects, like execution of productive activities, factories of social, welfare support, qualification and others

Why the Amazon



The Peruvian Amazon is a vast region of the central part and northern of South America that includes the rainforest of the river basin of the Amazon, the most abundant , wide and deep river of the world and at the moment considered also longest, than it supposes near a fifth part of the fresh water in liquid state of the planet.


The Amazon is the greater forest of the world and owns an enormous ecological value, this one has been threatened by the indiscriminate deforestation that has taken it to in the last lose until the 17 percent of its sylvan cover 50 years, being this one the reason for which its conservation has become a subject from extreme urgency.


The immediate implementation is important from action of conservation and sustainable development in all the countries of the region, which motivated that Arbol International looks for to develop programs that help the people of this part of Peru to become excellent actors of the protection and conservation of the ecosystems, the species, their own communities and the enormous variety of goods and services of the Amazon

Our Accomplishment


We have signed an alliance with Peruvian Non-profit “Ninos a la Vida” www.kidsaliveperu.org, This is a global Christian organization taking care of poor population in critics area in China, Africa, and Peru.


We have created legal Non-profit based in Florida, USA and another Peruvian Non-profit company Arbol International – Peru based in Pucallpa, Peru. We are running a formal, transparent operation with a board of Director and formal accounting.


We have supported to Ninos A La Vida in Pucallpa with a Full -Time employee an experienced professional to support the education of the people of the village of San Jose in Pucallpa.
In 2016, Arbol International created a new program: AGRICULTURAL WORKSHOP has run a corn crop within NInos a la Vida’s facility training 15 youngsters with intention to start training to become independent self-sustained entrepreneurs.


In 2017 we have to continue trainning 03 youngsters and their families to start, run and profit from their own Hens/Eggs farms in their own houses.”