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Chief Executive Officer

My name is Jorge Zuniga.  I’m a native of Peru and my wife, Ruth, is a native of Kansas.  I migrated to America in my mid-thirties, worked my way thru nursing school, met the Lord and then met Ruth on a short term mission trip on the Amazon River.

We’re now both RNs and along with raising our three children, we are pouring our time, talents and resources into carrying the love of Jesus into Pucallpa thru this non-profit venture called Arbol International.

Project Manager Perú

My name is Luis Rosas. I was born in Iquitos, Peru, and grew up in a Christian family. My family moved to Pucallpa a long time ago. Being born and raised in the Amazon of Peru leads me to love the people and the jungle and I am concerned about the health and sustainability of both.

That’s why I became a passionate Environmental Engineer committed to the people and nature of the Amazon. I live in the city of Pucallpa and I am married with Alleyda Rojas, lawyer of profession.

During these years we have actively participated in youth leadership training and in the christian music scene as well.

In 2014 I joined the Arbol International family and since then we have been promoting the general welfare of the low income and vulnerable population of the Peruvian Amazon, specifically in Villa San José de Yarinacocha.



James Donato
Bill Laney
Ruth Dickman
Jorge Zuñiga


Rather than operating as a do-it-yourself-know-it-all organization, we have established strategic alliances with diverse agents of change. These relationships of mutual collaboration have enabled us to to learn and grow as an effective agent for meeting the needs of the community.

One of these key alliances is with Kids Alive International and its representative in Peru, "Children to Life"; with whom we have been developing technical training programs in management of agricultural crops and raising of poultry. We also provide educational assistance with their programs in the Poblado Center of San José de Yarinacocha.

Rebuiling the vital Amazons
empowering the native Amazonians. 
Sarasota, USA - Pucallpa. Perú
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Perú:+51 961 669 144
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