Why the Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon is a vast region of the central and northern part of South America that the Amazon river windes thru.  The river is the largest,  deepest and considered by many to be the longest river in the world.  The river basin also contains close to one fifth of the liquid state freshwater on the planet.

The Amazon is also the largest forest in the world which has  enormous ecological value that is threatened by indiscriminate deforestation.  Over the past 50 years, 17 percent of the clean air producing power of the forest has been lost to legal and illegal cutting. That is why new conservation practices has become a subject of extreme urgency.

The immediate implementation of conservation and sustainable development action  is imperative.  Arbol International is there to help the people of this part of Peru to become relevant actors their own communities and in the conservation of ecosystems, species and the enormous variety of goods and services of the Amazon.

"Amazon River"


Rebuiling the vital Amazons
empowering the native Amazonians. 
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