Thanks to the cooperation agreement between Kids Alive and Arbol International, an educational support work has been developed, adding staff and resources to help the younger population of the Poblado Center of San José de Yarinacocha. We are an active part of programs such as Club de Tares, Club Juvenil, OANZA (AWANA) and others,, helping them in their school, recreational, spiritual and vocational development.

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Agricultural workshop

Arbol International developed the "Corn Crop Management" project in the "Niños a la Vida" facilities, with the participation of fifteen young leaders from the San José de Yarinacocha Town Center. The program considered all the steps for the management of corn cultivation from soil preparation, germination tests, seeding, pest and weed control, growth monitoring, harvesting, threshing, corn preparation for sale and the final sale. Throughout the project, a comprehensive training system was established, consisting of the theoretical preparation that included the development of biblical themes related to work, personal development and ethical behavior, to then move on to field practices. Thanks to this program, we have strengthened relations with the young participants, knowing better the reality in which they live, in addition to providing them with food during the training days and providing them extra provisions so that they can share it with their families.

Hens / Eggs / Farm

This program consists of training in the breeding and management of poultry and the production of eggs. We invested in the construction of two chicken coops, located within the facilities of the TEC Mission Care Center and the El Huerto orphanage (The Orchard), and selected young people to participate in the program. We also helped to reinforce the diet of the El Huerto orphanage and the Tec Mission Care Center, by reducing the cost of purchasing eggs and chicken meat whose protein value is of great importance in the children's daily diet.




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