Reforest the Amazon


Because of the massive deforestation, Peru is one of the countries most involved negatively affecting climate change. 

Some of the conditions that contribute to this deforestation are the demand for wood as a raw material for the manufacture of furniture, the burging housing construction industry and the demand for paper the production of which consumes a large amount of wood.
Other activities that contribute to deforestation are the demand for large areas of land for raising livestock, the search for virgin soil in the interior of the forest which is very desirable for farming and for open space for road construction.
That is why, reforestation is of great importance to combat climate change, contribute to the increase of water resources, help increase the stock of legal sustainable timber and reduce the greenhouse effect.

"The deforestation of the Peruvian jungle is increasing"

Rebuiling the vital Amazons
empowering the native Amazonians. 
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